Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of firms require that more employees work from home. In this era of social distancing, working from home can be a lonely enterprise —but it doesn’t have to be. For employees who don’t have an organized workstation or aren’t used to working from home, distractions can disrupt their productivity. After all, you’re not in your usual professional environment but in your personal space.

However, our facilities support services expert believes that it’s still possible to increase your productivity when working from home. Here’s how:

Try to limit distractions at home

While there are plenty of benefits to working from home, it can introduce a ton of distractions. Yes, it might become a little tempting to turn your TV on or start household chores while you’re doing your shift, but all of these will reduce your productivity. So, how do you deal with these distractions? Simple; before starting your work, ensure your workspace is tidy and allocate a specific time for completing housework. Don’t turn the TV on, but you can listen to some music. It’s reported that certain types of m

usic can improve cognitive performance, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. This won’t just help you starve your distractions, but will also improve your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Maintain a good posture and set your desk up correctly

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For employees spending a lot of hours every day at their desks, it’s important to consider the ergonomic factors related to your desk set-up. Even the minutest of improvements can offer you a number of benefits, from reducing the possibility of tension headaches and lower back pain to boosting confidence and increasing energy levels.

Here are some steps from the NHS that you can follow to set your desk up correctly for improving productivity, posture, and comfort while working from home.

Create an effective workspace

Yes, working from your favorite spot on the sofa or your bed sounds too comforting, but it isn’t a place that’ll give your productivity a boost. If possible, choose a different room that has a good source of natural light—that’ll become your dedicated home office.

By using different spaces in your home, you’ll create a physical distinction between relaxing and working, making the boundaries between work-life and home-life pretty clearer. However, if this isn’t a viable option, choose a space in your house that’s free from distractions and household noise. Soon, you’ll see your productivity skyrocket!

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