There’s no dearth of ideas when it comes to home renovation. However, it’s difficult and expensive to spend thousands of dollars to change up your entire space, spending on remodeling, installations, transportation, in addition to contractor charges, and more.

One of the best things you can do, however, is to swap out old interior and front-entry doors throughout your Fort Worth home with gorgeous iron doors. Not only are they a great investment, but they can also be the focal point of your renovations.

Check out the following ideas for renovating your home with the help of iron doors:

1. Repaint your living room

You can choose from various colors for your iron doors, including black, pewter, and bronze, among others, and decide how you want to color your living room to complement that. Since wrought iron doors have a gorgeous natural texture and color, choosing natural, earthy colors is a great option for your walls. Bright colors are also an option, whether it’s deep jewel tones or bright shades.

2. Rearrange your floorplan

Simply rearranging your furniture and getting rid of bulky, distracting items is a great—and cheap—way to change up the entire look of your house. Open floor plans are all the rage, and you can always find a look that works for your house. No walls and visual blockers to get in the way of your space. If you’d like, you can install room dividers as a way to separate and section your home while still retaining the open floor plan.

3. DIY upgrade your furniture

Upgrade your furniture with a few simple DIY methods, including changing the upholstery, painting over old chairs and tables, adding accents, and finding stencils and stick-on that look incredibly elegant. You don’t have tospend hundreds of dollars on brand new furniture, but find pieces that speak to your home and work well with wrought iron doors. Think wicker chairs, neutral couches, wooden furniture, and light, breezy shades that look amazing in all the sunlight that will stream in.

4. Swap out blinds and curtains

While iron doors in your Fort Worth home will look beautiful, especially for interior spaces like your living room (patio doors are such a delight!), there is the issue of privacy and too much light. For that, get new curtains and blinds that you can put down when you want to keep away prying eyes and keep out that Texas sunshine.

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