Are you about to order your first-ever custom wrought iron door?

Before you hit that add to cart button, hear us out!

A custom wrought iron door will pave the way to up your property’s aesthetic value and make your home entryway stand out from the other houses on the block.

Here’s all that you need to know before ordering your custom wrought iron door!

Select your glass material

Your custom wrought iron door’s glass material can have an impact on your overall door design. Will you choose a Low E glass design, or will you opt for a rain effect glass material to maintain your privacy?

Such minor details can have an immense effect on the outcome and completely transform the look and appeal of your custom wrought iron doors.

To go intricate or bold?

When it comes to a custom wrought iron door, its scrollwork is the center of attraction. Before you settle for a pre-made door design, consider your house interior design.

Do you have a more contemporary house design? Or does your house feature more Mediterranean or Spanish details?

Clean, bold, and straight scrollwork would suit a more contemporary-looking house. In contrast, a more intricately designed scroll work would complement the overall look of a Mediterranean-inspired residence.

Don’t forget the kick plate!

If you aren’t going for an overall glass design, you can always request the manufacturer to feature a kick plate.

A kick plate can help you open your doors without having to use a handle. However, a tastefully designed kick plate can add another decorative element to your custom wrought iron door!

The artisans at Pinky’s Iron Doors can guide you on what design to choose and whether to choose a kick plate at all or not. Their design team can evaluate your house design and your own requirements and create a kick plate that complements the overall appeal of your custom wrought iron door.

Pay heed to the pull handles

When you’re paying so much attention to every minute detail, the door handles can often get neglected!

Elaborately designed pull handles can take the appeal of your custom wrought iron door to the next level and add a touch of sophistication to it. Make sure that you opt for pull handles that are ornate and offer functionality.

Door designing companies such as Pinky’s Iron Doors specialize in creating bespoke pull handles for custom wrought iron doors. Their craftsmen can provide you with intricate door handles and enhance the beauty of your front doors.

Do you have a unique wrought iron door design in your mind? Why not reach out to Pinky’s Iron Doors! The California-based door design and manufacturing company works with customers to create bespoke, tailor-made iron doors. Their artisans have the expertise and an eye for detail that helps them develop exceptional masterpieces for their clients.

Pinky’s Iron Doors specializes in creating iron entry doors, front doors, iron patio doors, black steel doors, steel windows, office doors, wine cellar doors, and even exquisite barn doors for your country-inspired house!

Head to Pinky’s Iron Door’s website and take your first step to create a bespoke wrought iron door today!


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