Clogged drains are a significant problem that causes germ buildup, bacteria, and a repulsive odor, which is why they need to be cleaned and unclogged immediately. Drains that are left clogged for too long can cause health problems for your family and cost homeowners a fortune on plumbing repairs.

For unclogging drains, it’s essential to consult a professional plumber as these experts can get to the root of the problem and ensure that the system is free from clogs after completing the work. This not only helps prevent future clogs but also ensures efficient services.

The following reasons can cause a clog in your pipeline.

1. Soap

Soap bars are common household body wash items. With grease and fat as its major components, it combines with different minerals in the water to form a hard mass. This mass can accumulate over time and clog the insides of drainage pipes. Soap water also causes stains around bathrooms which are challenging to get rid of.

2. Hair

Hair is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clogged drains. While bathing, strands of hair tend to fall and accumulate in the drain, these strands often seep into drainage pipes and combine with grease and other sticky substances to form clogs.

3. Food waste

Most kitchens have garbage disposal units connected to the sink, which grind food remains and get rid of them. Some food waste causes clogs in drain pipes. These hard-to-grind food items combine with oil and grease to form clogs in the kitchen pipe drain.

4. Other objects

If any object falls into your plumbing system, it can cause significant damage or even clogs. It is essential to dispose of small objects responsibly in the trash or through recycling. Nothing but human waste, toilet paper, and water should go down the plumbing system. It’s most likely that homeowners with this problem will need professional help to get their plumbing system back to working condition.

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