Do you know that currently, more than half the light sources in the U.S. are LEDs, and it’s expected that 87 % of the lights will be LED in the next ten years? LED lights are rising in popularity because they are currently the most energy-efficient lighting option. According to the stats, the costs of LED lighting in the U.S. have been discounted at an annual rate of 5.6%. This blog post will compare the indoor and outdoor uses of LED Lights.

Green indoor LED lights

Understanding the Difference

LED strip lights are popular in various places, and you’ll see them being used in workplaces, homes, and many industries. They come in different lengths and vary in terms of brightness and colors. However, you can often classify them easily between outdoor and indoor lights.

Resistance to Dust and Water

How resistant an LED light is can play a vital role in determining whether it’s for outdoor purpose or designed for indoor spaces. You can quickly determine that using the I.P. ratings mentioned on the lights. Generally speaking, most indoor LED strips fall within the IP20 protection class and aren’t too resistant to dust, water and heat. Even a tiny drop of water on these lights can create problems. Mostly, these lights are ideal to be used under the shelves, cabinets or any other indoor place.

In contrast, the outdoor LED strip comes with a protection degree of IP65 or more. Good quality outdoor LED lights often use silicone coating to enhance protection against heat, dust, water or any other external factor that can damage the light. You can also wipe these lights with a damp cloth. Since they’ve got a coating on the outside, they tend to be thicker and less flexible from the outside. However, they are great for lighting up any outside area.

In some LED lights, you might want to get rid of a small amount of silicone to enhance the lighting. But keep in mind that the stripped part will be vulnerable to damage and unprotected from water and dust.


Since LED strip lights for outdoor purposes require more material and effort to be manufactured, they are more expensive and more durable.

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