Today, 3.1 million Canadians are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, such individuals must find a viable working space to perform their best and increase productivity while tackling their work-related tasks at home.

If you’re looking to set up a home office during this time, here are some design tips you must consider.

Choose the Right Location

There’s no right or wrong room shape and size when it comes to home offices. The best part about such spaces is that you can conveniently transform any extra room in your home into an office. Choosing a suitable home office space depends on when you do your work and the environment that enhances your productivity.

For instance, if you’re a busy mother looking for a way to handle work and domestic tasks simultaneously, you may want to use your kitchen desk area as your home office. Similarly, if work is your only priority, you should choose a place that’s away from the rest of the house’s noise and distractions, such as the garage or an empty basement.

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Placing a Desk & Chair

Like every workspace, it’s critical to have a set of comfortable desks and chairs in your home office. It can be a challenge to determine the right furniture for your office. However, you must ensure that the desk you choose has sufficient space to accommodate your computer and other work essentials, including reference materials and in-trays.

You don’t want to end up with chronic neck and back pain after working for extended hours. Therefore, invest in a high-quality chair that’s adjustable at your discretion.

Making Room for Natural Light & Good Views

Good lighting is critical for any home office space. Choose a location with some natural light and a view if possible. Position your desk to face the windows or in an area where your computer screen will not be affected.

Your work environment significantly impacts how you feel and perform during work hours. Therefore, focus on ensuring good lighting in your home office. Place your furniture in a way that ample natural light pours in. Remember to ensure that the light doesn’t affect your screen and other gadgets.

An incredible way to access sufficient natural light is by installing translucent office window shades or window coverings. They’ll reduce unwanted glare without darkening the home office, making it the perfect spot to work every day.

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