Wood pallets are an important equipment used in packaging and logistics industry. They play an integral part in material handling and transportation units.

A wooden pallet is a transportable, rigid, and sturdy platform-like wood structure that helps in carrying loads from one point to another. The best thing about wooden pallets is that they can be stacked and assembled, thereby saving space and increasing storage efficiency. From breweries, wineries, and lodges to food and apparel warehouses, wooden pallets can be seen everywhere.

If you’re in the market for wooden pallets, you’ll come across various types of them. Each one has unique features, benefits, and operational efficiency. Therefore, understanding the wooden pallet variety is essential to choose the right product for your commercial or industrial business.

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Types of Wood Used for Making Pallets

Before we learn more about different types of wooden pallets, let’s look at the wood species that are commonly used in pallet manufacturing. There are numerous types of wood species on our planet, and each serves a unique purpose.

For pallet construction, manufacturers use a mixture of softwoods and hardwoods to balance the sturdiness and durability of pallets. Firm hardwoods such as oak, teak, and maple offer greater strength while softwoods like pine and spruce add flexibility to the finished product.

Different types of wood pallets are discussed below:

1. Plywood Pallet

While all kinds of pallets are made of tree core, the lumber itself doesn’t make the pallet.Different types of wooden pallets

Plywood pallets have solid and firm surface and is commonly used for stacking, storing, and assembling bulky loads.

Moreover, plywood pallets offer low-moisture absorption and are lightweight with a smooth, clean surface. Due to its durability, light weightiness, and strength, plywood pallets are usually costlier than other pallet types.

2. Block Pallet

Block pallets are four way entry pallets that are usually made in square or rectangular shape. They have spaces in between the highest and lowest decks for storage purpose. These types of pallets are the easiest to move around, load, and assemble because they allow forklift and pallet jack access from four sides.

Block pallets are used for loading, transporting, and displaying goods in various industries.

3. Stringer Pallet

Stringer pallets are usually 2×4’s and 3×4’s that extend between the topmost and bottom decks. This type is most commonly used across the US. They’re constructed using oak- hardwood that’s incredibly sturdy and has a beautiful grain finish.

4. Recycled Pallet

If you’re planning to incorporate more sustainable products and green practices in your business model, consider using recycled pallets for logistics. The best features of wooden pallets are its eco-friendliness, recyclability, and reusability. Old, dainty, and dismantled pallets can be recycled, primed, and painted to extend their longevity.

When it comes to buying commercial or industrial wooden pallets, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. Given the wide variety of soft and hardwood pallets, customers choose a product based on their location, availability, and material handling requirements.

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