Over time, your roof will deteriorate as it comes into contact with many external elements and harsh weather conditions. Some of these elements have more effects than others, and you’d be wise to watch out for them. Here are some of the most common factors that reduce the longevity of your roof and cause it considerable damage:

Old Shingles

You might imagine that shingles are just for aesthetics, but they act as a defensive mechanism for your roof. They help protect the layer beneath from exposure to moisture and the sun, which both take quite a toll. But shingles aren’t immortal, and over time they will degrade in quality.

Either their adhesive may run out, or they could get damaged due to water within the asphalt. Once their warranty is up and they begin to fall out, you’re almost exposed to all kinds of damage.


The winters in Connecticut can get pretty cold, especially when it’s snowing. While you might enjoy a splendid view of a snow-covered roof, that ice could be getting in between various parts. Shingles, asphalt, and sheathing could be exposed to ice that will thaw over time.

Snow covered roof.

The snow causes harm if left out on the roof, so you’d be wise to get it removed before the temperature starts to go up. Large chunks of ice and hails also make abrasions, cracks on the roof, so you’d want to take a look at that as well.


Water is directly a nemesis for your roof. Liquids generally have detrimental effects on construction material, be it bricks, shingles, sheathing, or asphalt. Over time, it can wash away bits and pieces from the roof and cause water to reach the insides.

Your roof will start to lose its insulation properties because of this, with various animals and other external contaminants making way inside your home.

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