A well-decorated or designed wall can breathe new life into a house.

Want to spruce up your home’s interior walls without hanging up any framed photographs or artwork? We’ve got a bunch of ideas for you to design your walls and revamp your home design.


Most of us don’t think of blankets when we’re thinking of decorative elements for our walls. Blankets are winter staples, after all, kept safely in storage until it’s cold enough for us to use them. However, that’s not the only way you can utilize your colourful blankets. It’d be a shame to put away those beautiful hand woven blankets in the store until winter, so why not hang them up on your walls for a picture-perfect look?

If you have a large, empty wall, a colourful blanket will make for a great focal piece. You can use throw blankets to create a stunning wall display in your living room or the wall near the staircase, and create a unique new look for your home’s interior. Besides, using a blanket for your wall décor will also save you extra expenses.


If you want to try out something a little more rustic, then how about hanging up tapestries on your walls?  These serve as an excellent alternative to framed artwork you’re used to seeing everywhere you go, and will add a unique touch to your home.

Tapestries are especially useful if you have a huge chunk of empty wall space that you want to fill up. They’ll definitely brighten up your place!

wall plates for decoration

Mirrors & Plates

If you want to incorporate modern trends, then you can always create a wall display of mirrors and plates. A cluster of decorative mirrors and beautiful ceramic plates will really make your interior design pop. You can use plates comprising of different colours and patterns, or go with a set of mirrors adorned with fancy embellishments. You can even combine the two for a more powerful look!

Door Stops

Hear us out.

While door stops aren’t exactly wall décor, they very well blend in with the decorative elements on your wall. Since they can be mounted on walls as well as floor, you can have them placed at a higher level, next to your wall’s decorative elements. They’ll complement the design perfectly while also doing what they’re meant to do: stop doors from hitting the walls & furniture.

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