When you have a fireplace at home, it becomes essential to get a damper as well. Dampers can be made out of iron or metal and are fitted inside the chimney. However, it can also be installed in the stovepipe or furnace. Some dampers are also installed in the chimney openings.


Why Do You Need A Damper?

When the fire burns in your chimney, it uses air pressures to regulate the airflow inside your home. You can face a fire hazard if a chimney isn’t installed properly in your house. A damper helps the chimney to function properly.

Here are a few reasons why a damper is essential for your fireplace.

1.      It Helps In Controlling The Flame

In the winter, you need to use the fireplace regularly to keep your house warm. The damper installed in your chimney helps you control the fire by starting it slowly and then increasing its intensity. It makes it easier for people to regulate the fire in the colder months and reduces hassle.

2.      It Keeps Your House Safe

A properly functioning chimney is essential to keep your house safe, and the damper helps in exactly that. It prevents fire hazards that can cause major damage to your house.

In addition to that, harmful gases emitted by the fireplace need to be taken out of the chimney to prevent any breathing problems. Asthma and allergies become quite common when a damper is not installed to help the chimney with releasing carbon monoxide outside. Carbon monoxide can cause air poisoning, resulting in fatalities, and can cause various respiratory problems as well.

3.      It Helps You Plan For Warm Weather

When the summer months arrive, you don’t use your chimney that often. The damper helps to keep the foul odors from entering through the fireplace and inside your home. Any odor can spread in your house if the damper doesn’t prevent them from entering. In addition to that, it also prevents moisture, debris, and any microorganisms from entering your house through the chimney.

4.      It Helps You Save Money

When you install a damper, it regulates the chimney’s draft. If a damper is not installed, your home will lose the air-conditioned air through the chimney, making your HVAC system inefficient. This will also result in higher energy bills. It is recommended to get a top-sealing damper that has a rubber seal attached to it to be beneficial for you.

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