According to the Environmental Protection Agency, termites can damage billions of dollars’ worth of structures yearly. Pests can cause harmful consequences like damaging the house’s physical structure, creating gaps and holes by biting on the wood and other objects.

Moreover, their droppings and bits can cause infectious diseases in humans. You need to get rid of pests with safe and effective solutions. Here are some solutions you can consider.  

Protect Your Property with Perimeter Pest Control

Research shows that almost 90% of the pests come from the outside of the house. This means you need a barrier around your house. A perimeter pest control works as a barrier to protect your property structure. Perimeter pest control also controls pests from the outside of the house and stops them from invading inside.

However, the most important benefit of perimeter pest control is that it’s colorless and odorless and it’s implemented outside of the house, which is away from your family. Perimeter pest control can be eco-friendly so that it’s harmless for bushes, flowers, or lawns.

Sentricon Pest Elimination System

Naturally, pests are highly organized, and they collectively build huge tunnels underground. To eliminate these underground pests effectively, the best choice is the Sentricon pest elimination system. This system is based on advanced technology which can detect any pest problems from a range up to 300 feet or more.

The system spreads a pheromone scent trail to attract other pests within the range. The baiting system then releases poison which effectively eliminates the pests. The Sentricon system is an easy way to eliminate pests and termites by attacking them at their point of entry. 

 Someone wearing PPE wiping down a surface.

Final Takeaway

Pests are not only a nuisance but also hazardous for your health. Some people don’t consider pests as a serious issue, while others may think some basic cleaning measures can get rid of them. However, what you need is professional help. Pest control services like Xterminator Pest Control work effectively to eliminate pests from your home or office.

At Xterminator Pest Control, they have a team of experts with the right tools and experience. They aim to help their customers get rid of pests from their residential and commercial properties in the most efficient and eco-friendly way in Columbus, Ohio.

If you are experiencing any pest, bed bug, or termite issues, contact them today. They will help you through!