When you’re trying to compare the materials around a pool or for your pool deck, there are various options from which you can choose. It depends on your preferences, the design that you want, and the durability of the material.

Here are five things you need to be mindful of while choosing the material.

1. Slip Resistance

You need to choose a material that is slip-resistant, so you’re able to walk on it and easily get in and out of the pool without hurting yourself. This will prevent any accidents.

2. Easy To Walk On

The material that you choose needs to allow you to walk on it easily. During sunny days if it becomes too hot, you might not be able to walk on it, and if the material cracks easily, it can hurt your feet.

3. Water Resistance

Any splashes or water on the pool deck can cause problems if the material isn’t water-resistant because it might deteriorate and will require constant repair and care.

4. Installation Cost

Your pool is a significant investment, and if you spend more on the pool deck, then it might exceed your budget. You can choose a material that has a lower installation cost to save money.

5. Low Maintenance

You’ll have to look after the pool to be able to swim frequently, and it can become a hassle if you have to maintain the pool deck as well.

You can choose from the following materials.

· Poured Concrete

Most people opt for poured concrete because it’s a more affordable option. A few disadvantages of concrete are that it can become slippery when it’s wet, and an anti-slip coating would require more costs and maintenance. In addition to that, concrete can crack during changes in temperatures.

· Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are another option. They’re crack-resistant and have a surface that eliminates slipping as well. However, the installation might require an experienced pool contractor.

· Wood

Wood looks aesthetically appealing and can be designed in several ways. You’ll have to get a water-resistant coating over it to avoid any bumps or splinters.

· Tiles

You can design your pool to look attractive with customized patterns of tiles to look elegant.

A swimming pool with attractive tiles installed by a landscape designer in Lovettsville.

Installing a pool in your backyard can be a great decision, so you can enjoy it every day. You can contact a landscape designer like Perfect Pools and book their free one-hour consultation in Lovettsville to design your pool exactly according to your preference.