2021 is all about big changes, bigger milestones, and the biggest revolutions in design. The home interior enthusiasts have taken on the challenge of redecorating or remodeling their homes to echo some personalized modern design trends, and here are some of those.

Clean Designs

More than anything, the eye yearns to find an empty spot by the window, a bare wall, a smooth table surface, and large windows with sunlight flooding in. We’ve have long grown out of the need to fit something in every corner. We now prefer clean designs over ornate and extravagant ones. There’s beauty in simplicity, and that’s the inspiration that guides homeowners while they furnish their homes. Building on the same concept, they also look for functionality and practicality. How quickly can the window be cleaned? How easy is it to operate this door? How long will it take to dust and wipe the furniture? These questions have to be kept in mind when designing new Illinois homes.

Nostalgic Inspirations

Nostalgia is a comforting emotion that allows you to revisit sweet memories of the past in your present. Interestingly, nostalgia has permeated home interiors as homeowners continue to choose traditional designs and classic options to contemporary alternatives. From high-arched entrance doors to wrought-iron entry doors, you’ll find the grand millennial aesthetics to be echo nostalgia in every which way. However, adaptations and improvements are always welcomed and modern interior designers are continuously looking at old-meets-new trends for finishing and detailing in their work.

Warm-Toned Interiors

What colors would you associate with urban architecture? Probably gray, black, silver, and white. These monotones have long been the harbingers of professionalism in workspaces. And they continue to be. But home is not for work; it’s a place of warmth, love and security in the embrace of your family. If you’re spending 8+ hours at work, you need a change of scenes at home. That’s why the newest trend in Illinois homes is to opt for warm-toned interiors. From olive greens to deep mustards, browns to burnt orange, and creamy whites to peaches, homeowners are welcoming a new wave of warm colors in their homes.

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