From added convenience of minding kids and ease of entertaining guests to making the space feel larger while allowing flexibility in upholstery or furniture arrangements, open-plan living has many benefits.

Regardless of the countless benefits, homeowners in Jonesboro face multiple inconveniences, such as challenges involved in decorating free-flowing areas and decreased storage space.

Worry not; homeowners in Jonesboro can use room dividers as a clever tool to add more storage potential and the much-needed separation without blocking natural light or sacrificing a chic open-plan mood with a solid wall or an interior door. Here’s a roundup of ways a room divider enhances an open-plan space.

#1 Added Depth

Room dividers create an illusion of distinct spaces, such as shielding the diner or kitchen from the thoroughfare without overly defining the space or blocking the light. Solid walls and interior doors look outdated and blocky; slim and sleek room dividers are a great way to add interest and depth to any Jonesboro home to make it chic while keeping its minimalist aesthetic.

#2 Multipurpose

In most small, open-plan spaces, storage is often limited. Add character to your Jonesboro home by installing a thick room divider that can incorporate cupboards, host shelves, or invaluable drawers. Apart from creating optimal privacy, the room divider adds much more charm than other interior doors.


#3 Noise and Odor Reduction

Using room dividers as interior doors can make a huge impact on noise reduction while allowing you to stay connected to the rest of your Jonesboro home. Let’s say someone is preparing a meal in the kitchen while you’re watching your favorite movie in the lounge or having a serious conversation, chances are you might not want to smell the fumes or hear the crashing of plates, pans, pots, and kitchenware. Room dividers exude a sense of calm and serenity while keeping all unwanted noise at bay.

 #4 Focal Point

Using room dividers intelligently, instead of interior doors, to split a living room from the kitchen can help boost the space while acting as an eye-catching centerpiece. The charm of stylish and decorative room dividers as interior doors can add panache to any Jonesboro home.

Exclusively built room dividers are an uber-stylish alternative to traditional interior doors and are suitable for making Jonesboro homes with open plans stand out.

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