The depth of an in-ground pool basically depends on two elements: the purpose of the pool you’re your individual choice.

Since the depth of an in-ground pool plays a significant role in your pool’s design, here’s our guide detailing some depth-related considerations to keep in mind.

Do deeper in-ground pools cost more?

Yes, because deeper pools require more pool building labor and excavation.

Plus, deeper pools need more maintenance, cleaning, and use more water. So, compared to a shallow pool, both the long-term and upfront costs of a deeper pool are higher.

However, if you can’t stop yourself from diving into pools, you should go for a deeper pool.

What is the depth of an in-ground pool on average?

Usually, 8 feet is the standard maximum depth for an in-ground pool. However, pool builders are free to build deeper pools.

But if you’re planning to install a diving board, you’ll need a depth of at least 8 feet in the deep end. This depth is sufficient for safely diving in with a diving board. Also, there’s no need for a pool to be deeper than 8 feet

With that being said, in-ground pools equipped with diving boards should be designed at a bigger scale than those without one. These pools should be made larger to accommodate the minimum depth and make up for space that the diving board uses. This is one reason why diving boards have lost their popularity.

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Safety concerns

Pools, both deep and shallow, have their own set of safety risks. With deep pools, inexperienced swimmers and small children are at risk of drowning. And diving in a shallow pool can cause injuries to a person.

So, based on your chosen depth, formulate some rules. For example, inexperienced swimmers and children aren’t allowed to enter the pool without adult supervision, or no diving is allowed in a certain pool. If you don’t want a diving pool, consider the depth of 6 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shallow end.

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