hidden pantry designed using recessed shelves

As much as you try to organize items and declutter countertops in the kitchen, you still need space to store a reasonable amount of stuff in the kitchen—pasta, cereal, flour, beans, and sugar, for example—to make it functional.

The good news is that there are ways to make use of even the smallest smidge of extra space for kitchen storage. So even though a walk-in kitchen pantry might not be entirely possible, there are definitely plenty of ways to squeeze something in.

1. Go Between the Studs

Most homeowners are surprised to find how much space is hidden just behind their walls. If you have full control over the renovations, consider stripping down the walls and opening up shallow cabinets for a whole new perspective on storage.

The true bones and studs of the home are often much deeper than the walls used to cover it up. Make use of this space by building recessed shelves and cabinets. The best is that you don’t even need clearance for swinging doors and can opt for steel sliding doors or barn doors to cover it up.

2. Use the Walls

wall-mounted shelves offer additional stocking space

Do you have a bare wall in your kitchen that’s not covered by appliances or cabinets? It’s an open canvas for you to customize as desired. Add wall-mounted shelves, hanging baskets, or pegboards as desired to turn your wall into an easily accessible storage unit.

You can also make it look pretty with matching containers and custom labels to finish the look.

3.Repurpose an Old Bookshelf

Put an old bookcase to good use and load it up with your dry goods for a custom cabinet. Slide it next to the fridge or against an open wall for instant storage. It’s perfect for storing larger containers that require quick access. The best is that it’s super customizable and can be changed around as needed.

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