Have you been on the lookout for doorstops for your home? Don’t rule out fabric doorstops yet! These are more than your usual doorstops and can help you add a touch of elegance to your home.

Let’s take a look at what these objects are and how they can be used.

What Are Fabric Doorstops?

You know those rugged and hard doorstops you see in most houses? Now imagine if you had the option to include something less mechanical and prettier instead that would serve the same function.

Enter: fabric doorstops. These unique doorstops are made of fabric as the name suggests, and aren’t installed to the walls. Instead, they can be placed at the designated spots in your home to prevent the doors from hitting the walls when opened or closed. Think of fabric doorstops as giant paper weights, but instead of holding down paper, they’re keeping the doors from ruining your walls.

What Are Fabric Doorstops Made Of?

Fabric doorstops are mostly made from two common materials: cotton and polyester. The fabric used for either doorstop type is what shapes its durability, visual appeal, and cost. Cotton provides a soft exterior while still offering durability. On the other hand, polyester doorstops are more economical than cotton ones.

fabric doorstop

What Are Fabric Doorstops Stuffed With?

So, what goes inside the fabric? The stuffing of these fabric doorstops is what prevents the door from swinging and banging into the adjacent wall. It may comprise pellets (plastic, steel, rubber, or ceramic) that add weight and ensure that the stuffing doesn’t get too compressed when force is exerted upon the fabric doorstop.

Fabric doorstops may also be filled with synthetic polyester stuffing. This is easier to obtain and more commonly used in fabric doorstops. Alternately, fabric doorstops may have a cotton stuffing that’s denser than polyester stuffing, and doesn’t compress easily.

Why Should You Get Fabric Doorstops For Your Home?

The question you should be asking is why shouldn’t you?

Since fabric doorstops are available in varying fabrics and designs, they offer versatility. You can easily choose a doorstop that best matches your home design and use it as a decorative element.  It’ll add a dash of sophistication to your interior decor, making your design stand out.

Moreover, since fabric doorstops can be moved from room to room, you can easily place these in the relevant spaces when needed. Instead of buying 5 different doorstops for each room, you can rely on one or two to do the job just as well.

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