Roofing is an important part of your house. It keeps you protected from harsh weather conditions ranging from heavy downpours to scorching heat. On average, roofs are made to last for 50 years. The only way a roof can function properly for that long is to choose the right kind of roof and have it installed correctly—even if it does cost more. However, in most cases, homeowners opt for cheaper options which end up costing them more. Here are some reasons why a cheap roof is just not worth the investment:

You Get Cheap Quality

Roofing is not cheap. Roofing prices are increasing and replacing one costs two to three times more today than they did previously, which is why having it replaced again a couple of years down the road is not a good idea. If you’re getting the cheapest components available, you’re setting yourself up for a Frankenstein roof system—one that will likely need repair in just a few years. When you install such a roof, you’ll get the cheapest labor and of course, the lowest installation costs. These people will likely be unprofessional and untrained. Instead of proper equipment, you might get an air gun nailing. Laborers might also use old drip edge or underlayment—both of which will not hold your roof for long.

It Will Affect the Life of Your Roof


moldy roof

Cheap labor, cheap materials and cheap installation methods will affect the lifespan of your roof. Although problems might not be visible right away, eventually, you’ll have a leaky roof or some other problem. Depending on the warranty, you’ll have to start the process of replacing your roof. On the other hand, if you’d hired a reputable contractor to install your roof, you might not have to deal with the issue even 50 years down the lane.

 Lack of Warranty Options

When you’re hiring a contractor to install the roof, you can get more warranty guarantees. Manufacturers will typically cover, dump-fees, labor and materials. This means in the off chance your roof is damaged; the manufacturers can get your roof replaced for up to 12 years. On the other hand, with a Frankenstein roof system, you’ll have to work with a workmanship warranty. This means you’ll have a warranty of only two to five years. So if your roof needs replacement after that, it’s going to cost you a lot.

Last Thoughts

Remember, cheap roofers, love to cut corners. Either by hiring untrained professionals—who don’t know how to install a roof to make it last—or using cheap materials, they’ll create problems for you. To avoid this, get in touch with LA Rich.  They’re one of the best roofing contractors in Bristol, CT, and surrounding areas. From commercial to residential roof installation, they have a variety of services to offer. Get in touch to learn more.