Spring is a wonderful time of year! With flowers in full bloom, a fresh crisp breeze outside, and the aroma of delicious BBQ filling up the kitchen, it’s the best time to kick back and enjoy nature’s wonders in all of their glory. 

However, there’s one thing that’s not so pleasing about spring: the arrival of stink bugs. Stink bugs, after staying in hiding during the cold weather, come out during this time in search of food.

Known for their “smelly” reputation, they release a foul stench when disturbed or irritated. The smell they release is pretty hard to describe, just imagine smelling old socks, a loaded diaper, and rotten tomatoes altogether. 

They also pose a serious health hazard to homeowners. Stink bug infestations are quite hard to deal with. They enter your home in large numbers due to the following reasons:

Why Stink Bugs Come Indoors

As temperatures drop and winter arrives, stink bugs seek warm spots for shelter. Sometimes, they shelter under a tree bark, but they generally prefer the warmth your home has to offer. They will live anywhere in your home, including cracks, near pipes, holes, basement, and small crawl spaces. Thousands of stink bugs invade homes during the winter—but they only come out in warmer weather.

Where Do Stink Bugs Hide in Houses?

Stink bugs usually hide in small crawl spaces, basements, or attics. They can hide in the thousands under the stove or any place that’s warm. They can also hide in cracks in any tiles. 

They usually get active as spring arrives or whenever the weather begins to get warm. If you spot thousands of stink bugs, then that’s a sign of infestation. At this point, you need to seek professional help from an exterminator by hiring a pest control company.

Once stink bugs invade a home, they love to explore, and guess what, they aren’t leaving your place for a while once they’ve invaded. They usually love warm spaces, so look for them there if you are planning on killing them with bug spray. They usually fly like a helicopter with a buzzing sound and cannot walk with much finesse like other bugs.

How to Deal with Stink Bugs

Prevention is better than cure! When winter arrives, seal cracks and holes near warm spots such as water heaters, chimneys, fireplaces, and the kitchen. 

Use a silicone latex caulk for this purpose. Stink bugs love lights, so turn down your porch lights during nighttime. Clear out all moist areas, such as dripping faucets and water pipes. Limit excess food in the kitchen area too, as stink bugs feed on plants and fruits. 

Store food in air-tight containers and dispose of garbage carefully in sealed trash bags. Make sure there aren’t any crumbs on the counter by giving your countertops a regular clean.

In case you suspect a major stink bug infestation in your home seek help from professional pest control services immediately. Contact Xterminator Pest Control in Zanesville, Ohio. They provide cost-effective programs to ensure quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Make sure to check out their website for more information.