Every technician has a toolbox; it’s their survival kit, more precious to them than a first aid kit.

While there’s no correct answer about what you need to have in your toolbox, there are certain things that you can’t really work without. Here’s a list of hand and power tools that every successful technician has in their toolbox!

A Blinding Torch

Just like humans can’t survive without food or water, technicians can’t survive without a torch. At the expense of sounding a little too dramatic, technicians really do spend most of their time in the dark. Even if they’ve been eating their carrots, working in the dark can still lead to some serious injuries and harm. In order to work efficiently, a technician should have a super bright torch that’ll last a while and help them get through their work.

Alternatively, a head torch is also a good investment. Sometimes you need all hands on deck—and that’s exactly what this torch helps you do.

Magnetic Screw Drivers

Every technician has a set of screwdrivers, but screwdrivers with magnetic tips are complete game changers! This set of screwdrivers feature magnetic tips, ideal for when you’re dealing with some tiny screws or awkward mounting bracket angles. Magnetic screwdrivers can hold onto the screw lightly, preventing them from falling, even if your grip slips as you attempt to twist or unfasten them.

A set of tools on the floor

Silicone Jar Opener

Though not considered necessary by most, a silicone jar opener is a really handy tool to have on you at all times. Though hand towels can easily do the job, silicon jars are much safer and efficient to use. With a square of textured silicon, you can easily improve your grip on your tools, safely grip anything with a sharp edge, and even work with equipment or tools that have become overheated. Silicone jar openers also help in opening touch bolts, providing you with a convenient, safe, and efficient means to handle all your equipment and tasks.
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