Nobody likes an unwanted car that’s just sitting out there in the backyard or in the garage. It looks out of place, especially if you don’t have much use for it. Additionally, if you already have another car, why do you even need this one? 

If you’re wondering what your options are regarding what you can do with this unwanted car, we’ve got some ideas. 

Recycle it

Now we know there aren’t many ways to recycle a car—you can’t make steel mâché out of it, nor can you use it for any purpose other than driving. But what if we told you that you don’t have to use the entire car? You can make do with just the parts!

A car’s engine and battery are usable for other, everyday tasks. Think about it: what does your car battery do? It provides electricity by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. You can use this energy to do anything around the house. The car’s battery is also responsible for stabilizing the engine—and thus, you won’t have to worry about voltage hikes when you’re using a car’s battery. You can use this battery to power lights and do so much more. 

Give it Away

A junk car in Oklahoma-City


If the car is useful but battered, you can donate it to services such as ambulance fleets or police vehicle fleets. However, we wouldn’t suggest this if your car has issues with running—because the police force needs swift cars to chase criminals, and ambulances need to go at the speed of light when transporting a critical patient to the hospital. 

But Why Give it Away for Free?

That sentence needs an extension. Why give your car away for free when you can sell it for cash? Yes, that can totally happen—and right here in Oklahoma City, too! If you have an unwanted car lying around in your backyard or someplace, send it to Grimsley Autos. They pay good money for junk and scrap cars, and their response times are also phenomenal—they have been known to respond within one or two days. 

Imagine that: instant cash for a car that’s no longer useful. If you think that’s a sweet deal, get in touch with them today! Sell your used car for cash now in Oklahoma City!