Pocket doors

With better functionality and elegant new varieties, pocket doors are back in style for homes in Houston!

A pocket door is an unsung hero for interior door designs. It discreetly slides on a track that frees up valuable floor space and provides connectivity between rooms while providing optimal privacy.

Before deciding whether you should replace your interior doors with pocket doors, let’s take a glance to understand what a pocket door actually is and some interesting ways to use them as interior doors or entry doors to improve your Houston home’s curb appeal and functionality.

What Is A Pocket Door?

Any sliding door that ‘disappears’ inside a wall when opened is known as a pocket door. The main difference between other sliding doors and pocket doors is that other sliding doors, such as barn doors or bifold/accordion doors, are visible regardless of whether they’re closed or open.

When a home in Houston doesn’t have enough space for a standard entry door to swing open without smashing into a piece of furniture or another wall, pocket doors are an attractive alternative as they work well within spaces where clearance may be a concern.

Pocket doors in a room

Pocket doors are interior doors that are incredibly versatile; here are some ideas to spark your imagination while improving your Houston home with stylish and practical interior doors, i.e., pocket doors.

#1 Clutter-Free Room

Pocket doors act as neat interior doors that subtly glide into the wall of a hectic hallway or room with numerous connecting doors or cabinets that can make people bump into each other or trip.

Besides providing additional privacy, these interior doors can be installed as single or double entry doors and are a solid and practical option for making any contemporary space striking.

#2 Flexible Space

If your Houston home’s kitchen and living room were created from the framework of two detached spaces, you could return it to its original layout by including tall pocket doors between the two spaces instead of a dividing wall.

In the same way, pocket doors are a unique way of hiding a pantry or a laundry room with a narrow entry door while making a decorative style statement!

#3 Virtually Invisible

Houston homeowners who want to downplay a connecting entry door, chic pocket doors are designed to fit into contemporary rooms neatly and fit unobtrusively. New interior doors are an easy way to add character to a Houston home without a hefty price tag or giving up valuable space in the process.

Pocket doors separating closet from room

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