Everybody knows cars are bad for the environment—as long as they’re running. But what about when you kill the engine and leave it in the backyard? It’s just sitting there, not disturbing anyone, right? It can’t do any more damage, correct?


How Junk Cars Affect the Environment

Even when not in active use, cars are doing more damage to the environment than you think. Why is that? Well, let’s start with the condition of your car while it’s still working: most people don’t make their cars sit out in their backyard until the car is completely worn out. 

A car in such a condition is going to still produce chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), regardless of its working condition. 

Besides, if you try to drive a junk car, it’s going to produce way more CO than a regular car will—you are therefore causing greater damage to the environment. 

Water Pollution

A junk car in Oklahoma City


Cars cause a ton of groundwater pollution that most people aren’t aware of, to everyone’s detriment. The water below you in Oklahoma City is no exception to this. Many Americans actually depend on this same groundwater as drinking water—it is this water that ends up in freshwater springs. 

You see, therefore, groundwater is in danger. 

When you have a scrap car that’s sitting in your backyard, it will constantly leak harmful fluids into the ground. This destroys and contaminates the soil beneath—and the water that’s down there. Consequently, it’s bad for the animals that depend on this water, the plants whose roots depend on this water, and humans. 

It’s bad for all of us!

What You Should Do Instead

Instead of letting a scrap car sitting idle in a backyard, we’d urge you to sell it or get rid of it. In Oklahoma City, you can actually get rid of a used or scrap car for good cash. Grimsley Autos is a junk car removal company that will pay you instant money for your scrap car. You can reach out to them here