Dry clean services are now a necessity due to our busy lifestyles as many people don’t have enough time to do their chores. Also, the dry cleaning process is quite different from doing laundry in a machine.

The major concern when hiring a dry cleaning service in DC is trust and convenience. So, before hiring a dry cleaning service provider, it’s important to understand what material you should and shouldn’t have dry cleaned.

Here are some clothing materials that require special care.

1. Silk Material-Natural Protein Fiber

Any clothing material made from 100% silk will remain the same for a lifetime, only if you provide proper care. Silk is a natural protein fiber; some are easily washable by hand, for others dry cleaning might be the better option.

2. Leather-Flexible & Durable Material

Leather jackets, leather pants, or coats can be tricky to wash at home therefore, always consider sending them for dry cleaning. Trying DIY cleaning hacks might damage your leather clothing and accessories beyond repair. Professional dry cleaning service will remove stubborn stains and other solid spots without shrinking or cracking the leather.

3. Velvet-Distinctive Soft Feel

What makes velvet luxurious and soft? Why is velvet bit high-maintenance? Velvet is made of distinctive soft, natural, and synthetic fiber. However, washing it yourself might not be the best idea. Take your velvet clothes to a professional dry cleaning service provider. They preserve the shape and smooth texture of the cloth.

4. Cotton-Soft Staple Fiber

Cotton contains soft staple fiber, and it’s among the most common fabrics in the world. According to recent research, the export of cotton in 2019 was almost 26.26 billion U.S dollars.

So, what’s the best option for cotton, dry clean, or hand wash? For cotton, the suitable way is a proper hand wash at the right water temperature. Dry cleaning can actually shrink cotton or misshape it.

5. Wool-Blend Fashion Fabric

Wool is among the most expensive fabrics, and it’s obtained from animals, including camels, sheep, goat, etc. In recent statistics, the export of yarn material across the world was almost 49.76 billion U.S dollars.

Moreover, wool is a remarkably sturdy and elastic material, and if it’s washed in hot, warm water or dry clean, the material shrink instantly.

Dry clean cotton clothes hanging

Connect with Professional Dry Cleaners in DC

Finding a professional dry cleaner in Washington DC, the metropolitan area, is challenging but worth the time. Once you hire a professional, they will provide reliable and quick service. The dry clean and laundry services will save special and quality clothing items from damage.

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