When renovating the exterior of your house, it makes good design sense to opt for a front door that matches the overall aesthetic. Many homeowners in New Mexico are looking into more contemporary home designs that embrace clean lines, striking materials, and marked minimalism.

When we think of arched entry doors, they almost seem like the antithesis of modern architecture. Of course, there’s no denying that arch top doors have been around for several centuries (since the Roman Empire era, actually)—but does that necessarily mean that arched doors are dated?

Here are some modern arched entry door ideas that might just get you thinking otherwise.

Make a Statement with Ironwork

A wide front door with an exaggerated arch is bound to make a statement on its own. Take it a step further with clear glass panels and sophisticated scrollwork that will make your entryway pop even more. You can define the entrance further by adding a rectangular frame around it and using greenery to add natural accents.

Go for Understated Grandeur

If a full arch is too dramatic for your doorway, consider a mini archtop, as shown above. The double door defines your entrance, while the sleek metal cutouts give it a modern touch. You can choose to go with frosted glass to maintain your privacy or clear glass if you want to maximize natural light. Finish the look by sprinkling in some color with pretty wreaths and potted flowers.

Keep It Sleek and Minimal

Black framed steel doors are about as modern as it gets. However, if you’re looking to add a personal touch, consider adding a full arch like this one. Here the classic full arch combines with modern Crittall-style simplicity to produce a stunning door design. Perfect for small entrances and backdoors, this door design works beautifully with small entrances.


Opt for Transom Light

If you’re still on the fence about an arched door, there one more option out there: arched transoms. Positioned directly above your entry door, transoms can help enhance the natural light in your home, give an appearance of a larger doorway, and help you add a decorative element to your entrance.


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