Baring it all takes courage, but that’s precisely what industrial home design requires if you’re looking to achieve that raw, edgy look. What other styles go considerable lengths to hide, the industrial aesthetic puts it boldly on display.

That said, achieving the look is slightly more complicated than ripping down a false ceiling. Combining the simple sensibilities of a factory-like setup with the warm, inviting feel that a home should have is not always an easy balance to strike.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the easiest industrial design ideas that seamlessly integrate with existing décor elements to create effortlessly chic industrial interiors.

Break down bare walls

Metal is a major component of industrial design—so, instead of plain plastered walls, opt for these gorgeous steel dividers. Black steel pocket doors are an easy way to make your home feel bigger while maintaining an element of privacy with these steel-framed partitions. These clever installations can prevent your home from feeling cramped, dark, and small.

Play around with lighting

Industrial design focuses on maximizing natural light. Adding transoms above your windows, opting for floor-to-ceiling sliding steel doors, and skylights are all great ways to make the interior feel bright and spacious.

When looking into light fixtures, floor lamps and pendant lights are a staple in industrial décor for focused lighting. For ambient lighting, you can also add track lights for finishing touches.


Add green accents

Concrete and metal can leave your interior looking dull and dreary. Given that industrial design focuses on bringing out the rawness, it’s important not to forget your foliage. Not only will it make your interior feel more inviting, but it also helps you add pops of color along the walls and near entrances.

Don’t forget to add warmth

Industrial design focuses on fuss-free, no-nonsense décor that maximizes practicality with subtle style. Keep things simple when choosing your décor with simple (and comfortable) couches, cozy fireplaces, and shaggy rugs to infuse personality and warmth into the interior.

Black Steel Doors and Windows for the Modern Home

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