Until a few decades ago, bathrooms were relatively small spaces that were just designed to be functional. Homeowners didn’t spend time on their bathroom design Ottawa, as they weren’t seen as a place to spend much time in.

Over the years, however, there’s been a significant shift in the way we see bathrooms; they have now become a space to relax and pamper yourself. However, that does mean you need sufficient space to do so. If your home doesn’t have a large bathroom, here are some renovation tips to help transform it:

Add the illusion of space with mirrors

Mirrors give off the illusion of more space in a room, particularly large mirrors. Instead of a small for your sink, opt for a large vertical or horizontal mirror for your bathroom. It makes your bathroom seem more spacious and reduces the need for fancy lighting, paint, décor, etc.

It’s ideal for more modern themed bathrooms. Another benefit of having mirrors is that you don’t need many light fixtures, since the light bounces off the reflective surface.

A splash of colour

Emerald green bathroom theme.

Don’t be afraid to use colour in a small bathroom. A splash of color, even a deeper color, makes your bathroom look well thought out and luxe. If you’re looking to keep things trendy, the pantone colors of the year are ultimate Grey and Illuminating. You can dedicate a wall or a corner of the bathroom to a splash of color, or have colourful fixtures and fittings installed.

Be innovative with storage

You don’t have much room to spare in a small bathroom. That means you need to rethink storage. Use up the space you have to incorporate innovative storage ideas. Utilize the area beneath the sink, above the toilet, etc. Move all non-essential items from the bathroom and keep them elsewhere too.

Clear glass adds more space

Rustic bathroom design.

Smaller bathrooms usually have a shower, instead of a bathtub. Get rid of those dated shower curtains and invest in a clear glass shower door. Clear glass adds the illusion of more space in the bathroom, compared to textured and frosted glass. There’s also something so chic about clear glass!

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