Home renovations Ottawa are on a sharp rise. People are bored, anxious, and stressed amidst the second wave of COVID-19, and they’re looking for ways to curb their anxiety. According to CNBC, there’s been a 58% rise in house renovators’ annual project leads. And many of them have reported that homeowners are paying particular attention to the commonly ignored part of their house: the basement.

Basements, AKA cellars, or lower ground floors, are undergoing a significant revitalisation right now. Traditionally, people use their basements for storage purposes, or they install a TV, fridge, throw in a comfy couch, and turn it into a mini escape room. But now, homeowners are on the hunt for the “wow” factor.

From underground guest suites, living room extension, game room, and theatre to kitchen and home offices, several creative, imaginative ideas are all the rage these days. So if you’re planning to invest in your basement, here are some ways to do it with a twist!

Distraction-Free Home Office

Over 40% of the employees have started working full-time from home. This means they need a comfortable home office to stay productive and motivated.

Moreover, with the advent of flexible work hour policies and freelancing gigs, workers need to create a quiet place within their homes to work efficiently. If you’ve become a couch potato with a laptop or have carved a corner in the living room, why not utilize the spacious, noise-free basement? Turn your underground floor into a nice, cozy home office by adding a work desk, indoor plants, and your favourite wall décor for a fun spin.

Cozy Basement Bar

With bars and clubs closed until further notice, bring the experience into your home by turning your basement into a private bar!

This is the complete definition of entertainment that takes your home design to the next level. You might need to plan ahead, establish budget controls, and work with professionals to get this one right but, the output will be worth every penny!

Whether you decide to do it on your own or hire an expert, ensure that all the local regulations are kept under consideration.

Self-Care Shed

People have become more conscious regarding their mental peace, and they look forward to making time for themselves. But travel restrictions, lockdowns, and the risk of the coronavirus have ruined it all.

Fortunately, we have the perfect idea! Utilize your basement space for self-care. This is probably the most indulgent and apposite use of a home basement. Whether you like to practice yoga, paint, write, dance, or sing, your cellar can become a favourite part of your home!

Bedroom in a basement

Guest Suite

Cozy, dramatic, comfy, and budget-friendly! Use your basement area to make extra space for guests.

Basement guest rooms can be as simple as a basic hotel bedroom, or you can add a twist to them by incorporating a minibar, a kitchenette, or a small living space. The key idea is to make your home comfortable for guests while respecting their privacy.

Custom Home Renovation and Basement Build Services in Ottawa, CA

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