Gone are the days when long baths and cleaning chores in the chilly weather gave us anxiety—thanks to the water heaters that have made our lives easier with quick and efficient hot water supply.

If you intend to buy a new water heater and are stuck between different options, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover different features of traditional and modern water heaters to facilitate your buying decision.

Let’s begin.

Why Should You Choose Traditional Water Heaters?

Traditional water heaters are also known as ‘tank water heaters.’ Here are some reasons to choose traditional water heaters.

Low Cost

The most significant benefit of tank water heaters is their low cost. It’s half of the cost of a modern water heater. Water heaters consume about 20% of our household budget. So, even you have a low budget; you can opt for tank water heaters.

Easy Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement

Traditional water heaters are installed easily following a simple guide. Their maintenance and replacement cost is also lower compared to modern water heaters.

Why Should You Choose Modern Water Heaters?

Ever heard ‘with more money comes greater benefits?’ This stands true for modern water heaters. Here are some notable benefits of modern or tankless water heaters.

Energy Consumption

Modern water heaters allow you to save thousands of dollars on your energy bill annually. Though their installation cost is higher, they conserve about 27% to 40% less energy than tank water heaters in the long run.

Long Life

Modern water heaters last longer than 20 years. They’re more durable and occupy less space in residential facilities.

Instant Hot Water

As the name implies, tankless water heaters don’t possess tanks for water storage. You only need to turn it on to get an instant hot water supply from your faucets or showers.

Which Is the Best—Traditional or Modern Water Heater?

Both water heaters have their respective benefits. They would deliver the best results depending on your conditions. Here are some quick tips:

Why Install Tank Water Heaters

If you’re an average salaried person with a small household, you should install a tank water heater because of its lower capacity, installation, and maintenance cost.

Why Install Tankless Water Heaters

Suppose you’re a high salaried person with a big household or commercial facility and larger water needs. In that case, you should install a tankless water heater because of its variable capacity, higher upfront costs, and guaranteed quality.

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