Today’s homeowners are more informed and have access to a wide variety of renovation and design options. The information overload allows them to have high expectations from their home renovation service providers.

With the popularity of 3D design, AI, and advanced building mechanisms, renovation contractors are now equipped with the expertise to offer unmatched design and build services. One such technology that’s making waves in the remodeling industry is called 3D color rendering.

From creating simple, minimalist designs to developing extensive construction plans, the tech tools offer exquisite opportunities and stronger, more precise visualization of the space. It enables homeowners to envision their dream house design and understand the nitty-gritty of the entire building process.

Whether you’re planning to renovate a room or redesign the whole house, learn why and how 3D color rendering Ottawa can help you achieve impressive results.

What is 3D Color Rendering?

Rendering is a common concept in the architecture and construction design industry. An architectural sketch drawn on tissue paper could be considered a rendered image. The same phenomenon is used in the 3D color rendering process, AKA architectural rendering.

It’s the artistic visualization of the preconstruction phase of a renovation site. The construction site can either be a residential, commercial, or industrial property.

A home renovation expert making design plans

How Does 3D Color Rendering Work?

3D color rendering can be performed using basic Photoshop skills as well as advanced digital design tools. Renovation and build contractors create impressive and reality-like architectural renderings to offer homeowners an idea of what their remodeled space will look like.

3D color rendering takes surrounding, different color palettes, textures, and fixtures into account. All these features combined produce a fine image of the completed construction design. These tech tools enable homeowners and designers to create a design very close to their expectations.

Advantages of 3D Color Rendering for Home Designs

Every homeowner wants to incorporate their personal preferences to create a relaxing, beautiful, and functional home design. And here are seven unique ways 3D color rendering helps them:

  1. Thanks to the 3D realistic rendering, homeowners can choose from a variety of design options.
  2. Architects use CGI tool to show the expected design result
  3. 3D color rendering offers photorealistic image quality
  4. Clients can pick and choose what best suits their preferences
  5. 3D color rendering also showcases a photo-real model house surroundings and landscape
  6. It helps in designing top to a bottom new layout for the house
  7. It enables designers and homeowners to examine different styles, materials, furnishing options, and color palettes.

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