Flooring installation is a significant investment, so you need to make the right choice. Here are eight things you need to know before installing a new floor.

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1.  Choose a Suitable Material

Choose the right flooring material according to the designated area and the layout of the building. You will also need to decide if you need durable flooring that can withstand high traffic depending on your use case. In case you’re running a commercial facility, it should be sturdy enough so it can be driven over.

2. Remove Everything from The Floor

It is important to remove everything from the existing floor to be able to install the new flooring without any disturbances. This will allow workers to reach every corner with ease.

3. Get an All-Inclusive Service

Floor installation services provide assistance by removing all heavy items from the floor to empty out the room, then layering with the material you need and sealing the material properly to avoid any damage. This all-inclusive service ensures a stress-free floor installation.

4. Decide the Floor Height

You can verify the new height with the floor installation service. If you choose epoxy flooring, which is one of the more resilient and affordable options, you need to ensure the layering on top is not a hurdle for you. It can be sanded down, or your flooring underneath would have to be sanded down.

5. Clean Out Storage Areas

Until the flooring doesn’t dry, it is very delicate. It is best to remove all items where the flooring is to be installed.

6. Remove the Doors

The door hinges can cause disruptions and get stuck to the new flooring, which will have to be cut out. So by removing them they remain safe from any scratches or mishandling.

7.  Get Your Floors Cleaned

Clean floors are essential, especially if you’re getting epoxy flooring; as it is a protective layer on your flooring, so any dust or dirt can ruin its texture.


8. Maintain a Suitable Interior Temperature

The interior temperature should not be extremely cold or hot in order to provide a suitable temperature for the flooring to dry and set.

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