Dishwashers can provide the utmost convenience for homeowners, helping them wash their dishes in a couple of minutes. However, like all appliances, a dishwasher can also cause distress for you if they’re not maintained properly.

Here are seven common dishwasher leaks that could mean big trouble.

Clogged Filter

Dishwasher filters need to be cleaned frequently. The filter can gather food particles and other foreign elements can that prevent the dishes from being sparkling clean. This can also cause a leak due to distorted water flow. To keep your dishwasher efficient, it is recommended to clean it on a monthly basis to avoid any leaks.

Door Seal Leakage

The seals attached to the dishwater’s door tend to wear out and get damaged over time. There are two types of seals attached to the dishwasher—vinyl and rubber seals—that keep the dishwater watertight. Cleaning it regularly helps maintain its efficiency, but it can become brittle as it ages, and prevents the door from closing tightly.

The seal on the upper side can be easily replaced; however, for the lower side, you need to detach the entire door to replace it. A professional plumber will be able to carefully work that out and align it properly. He will also be able to recommend if it needs any replacement.

Incorrect Alignment

If your dishwasher is not leveled properly it tends to bump into your cabinets on the sides and can result in water leakage. Adjusting the right level needs a trial-and-error method or you can call an experienced plumber to avoid any leakages.

Valve Problems

When your dishwasher gets old, the valves and other connections become loose. The water supply valve can cause flooding if it gets stuck and can spill the water outside the dishwasher. Cracks can form on the hoses, which can be easily replaceable.

Dishwasher Tub Leakage

Over time, detergents and minerals from the water can cause corrosion in the dishwasher’s tub. Professional plumbers can repair the tub, but the dishwasher might have to be replaced if it’s too old or the damage is severe.

Unsuitable Detergent

Using dishwasher specific detergents is imperative to avoid any damages to it. Excessive use of dishwashing liquids for a great amount of foam can cause leakage. Using DIY detergents is also not safe for the extended life of your dishwasher.


Overflowing Dishwasher

If your dishwasher is taking in more water than it needs, it will cause an overspill and leakage in your kitchen. Professional plumbing services will be able to fix the water supply and detect any problems with the seals, which can cause the overflow.

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