Apart from all the curveballs 2020 has thrown at us; it has also given families a chance to get closer than ever. With children now studying from home, parents are thinking of creative ways to motivate their kids to take online classes.

A recent heartwarming example of this was seen when a dad converted his garage into an online classroom for his daughter. If you are also one of the parents that are concerned about your child’s education during the Pandemic, consider transforming your garage space into a classroom for them.


But why?

With most children taking classes while in bed, teachers are debating the effectiveness of online classes. Creating a designated space for children to take their classes allows them to transition from the feeling of being at home, to the same feeling of going to school to attend class.

But one thing is certain: online learning is a reality now, and there is no better way to do it than giving children a specially designed space to learn in.


teaching daughter

Transformation time:

Creating an effective learning space in your garage requires a little effort as well as a lot of storage. Incorporate some of the following tips to create a remote classroom:

Clear out space:

1 in 4 Americans say their garage doesn’t even have enough space for their vehicles due to the clutter. Clear out any unnecessary items and install wall-mounted storage panels for more floor space.

Remove any tools or chemicals you don’t want your children to get into and store them high out of their reach.

Use storage cabinets:

Install a cabinet system to store books and school supplies, as well as create a stable place for electronics to rest on during lessons. Cabinets can also be used to display your kid’s artwork, giving the garage a more lived-in feeling.

Cabinet tops can also incorporate an electrical outlet for easy device charging, as well as lights to brighten up the garage.


mom and son learning online

Brighten up space:

Dark colours can absorb light, making your garage appear darker. Light colours, in contrast, allow reflect light and brighten the space, creating an ideal atmosphere for learning.

Use bright paint colours like blue, green, and yellow on the walls and garage door to mimic classroom walls for small children.

Keep it cosy:

Make sure your garage space is well insulated to keep your children warm. Use a good quality garage door that keeps winter drafts outside, so your kids can stay comfortable as they take their classes.

Invest in good quality garage door installation services, like those from Easy Fix Nashville, to make sure the winter months don’t affect your child’s year-long learning process. Call them at (615) 560 – 8948 to get your old garage door repaired or get new garage door installation in Nashville before you open up the remote classroom to your kids.