Clothes come in all shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Some of these fabrics are finicky, pricey, and even blingy!

Here’s a list of clothes you need to take extra care of when washing to make them last longer!

1.     Activewear

When it comes to activewear, make sure to wash your white and dark clothes separately to preserve their color and integrity.

Even though activewear is considered to be delicate-wear, these garments don’t necessarily need hand-washing. Simply put them in a washing machine at low speed with a suitable detergent.

Once they’re out of the washing machine, lay them out individually and let them air dry.

An important tip is not hang them when they’re wet which will cause them to stretch and lose out on elasticity overtime.

2.     Undergarments

A fool-proof way to preserve the shape and size of your undergarments like brassieres, panties, and lingerie is to hand-wash them. Undergarments are made with delicate laces and fabrics and throwing them in a washing machine will only do more harm than good in the long run!

assorted colorful lingerie

Always hand-wash your delicates in your bathroom sink and laythem to dry on a towel. This will allow the towel to absorb the water from your clothes and allow the cup size of your brassieres to remain intact.

3.     Embellished and Embroidered Outfits

Take particular care when washing clothes with adornments like beads, sequence, or threadwork.

Ideally, such garments shouldn’t be washed frequently since they aren’t worn frequently either. However, if you happen to see any stains or marks on your clothes, a sure-fire solution is to have them dry-cleaned.

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4.     Specialty Clothes

Clothes made with specialty fabrics such as silk, chiffon, lace, wool, linen require delicate treatment and can’t always be put in the washing machine. Wash these garments by hand to prevent any damages.

Make sure to read and follow the label for any washing or dry cleaning instructions.

If no such label exists, always use a mild detergent and hand wash the clothing items.

The best of to wash specialty outfits is to fill a tub with lukewarm water, add in a mild detergent of your preference, and submerge the clothes into the tub.

Once soaked, rinse the clothes with clean water and leave them to dry. Simple!

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