House installed with epoxy flooring

Not only do floors form the foundation of your house, but they also affect your day to day activities. This is one of the reasons why the durability and versatility of epoxy flooring have made it a popular choice among homeowners.

If you’re redoing your residential flooring, epoxy flooring is the right option for you. Here’s why.

Why your house needs epoxy flooring?

From protecting the underlying concrete from trains, moisture, and grease, to saving you time and money when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, epoxy floors are a great choice for residential properties.

They’re less abrasive than concrete, slip-resistant, don’t need to be cleaned excessively unlike carpet flooring that can accumulate grout. In addition to that, they’re reasonably priced.

Benefits of epoxy flooring and why your home needs it

Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy traffic and abrasion. It’s a blend of epoxies, colored flakes, and quartz that provide unparalleled shine, strength, and resistance to floors. Their slip-resistant property also makes them a popular choice among homeowners, especially those with young children in the house.

The surface becomes smooth to clean and hard-wearing. In addition to being easy to clean, epoxy flooring also has a distinct aesthetic appeal to it that can transform your living space.

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective solution for your housing floor needs. It minimizes annual maintenance costs by 55-75% and enhances the floor’s safety due to its unique, anti-slippery additives in the resins.

Finally, epoxy flooring is quick and easy to install.

A dog staring at the glossy surface of an epoxy floor

Your first choice for epoxy flooring

People are shifting to epoxy flooring because it’s customizable. They can easily choose from a list of colors, designs, and textures. Different shapes and patterns are also available.

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