Discovering pests can mean a host of problems for hotel owners and staff. Not only does it cause disgruntled customers and bad publicity, but creepy crawlies can also be a pain to get rid of.

With the high costs of pest control treatments and the loss of business during the process, hotels can lose big bucks. Additionally, the damaged items, including food and bedding, will have to be replaced, and hotel owners will have to pay heavy fines for breach of food safety regulations.

The best way to avoid this disaster is by having a solid pest control policy in place. Early detection can help prevent a full-on infestation and can be treated more easily.

Here’s how to spot and control common pests found in hotels:

A black and gray housefly


Rodents are commonly found in undisturbed, warm areas, usually the ceiling or attics. 

To prevent a rodent invasion, make sure any openings are kept less than ¼ inches and check the dumpster areas for mice regularly.

Keep the lids on the dumpsters and make sure outdoors eating areas are kept clean and crumb-free.


Small flies:

Small flies are present in wet organic material areas, such as drains, grease traps, garbage disposals, dumpsters, and beverage serving areas. 

Clean the floors regularly, and remove organic debris to ward off small flies. Use fans in damp areas like kitchens to dry surfaces faster and make sure the floors are well-maintained. 

Keep garbage containers clean, especially underneath the liners, and take care to wring out wet mops before storing them.

German cockroach:

German cockroaches thrive in moisture-rich and warm areas like the kitchen and service areas. They may end up on employee belongings in locker rooms or can be found in pool areas or atriums.

To prevent these pests from entering your premises, make sure all incoming shipments are inspected carefully. Reduce the use of corrugated cardboard for storing items, and utilize clear plastic boxes instead.

Seal the areas around pipe and wall junctures and fill in the cracks in areas where food is prepared. Make sure to repair leaks immediately.

Cockroaches on a plate


Filth Flies:

Filth flies are commonly found in garbage dumpsters and trash cans but can enter the facility through doors left open. 

To stop filth flies in their tracks, keep doors shut and sealed when not in use, and make sure to clean dumpster pads thoroughly. Vents should also be screened to keep flies outside and use insect light traps for flies who’ve gotten inside.

If your hotel is facing a more serious pest invasion, it would be better to hire a pest control company for professional services. Xterminator provides same-day pest control services for hotels suffering from pest invasions in Zanesville, OH. Contact them here to schedule an appointment.