Is your home starting to look dirty and grimy from the outside? Are the sidings or façade looking mottled or faded? If you answered ‘yes,’ getting your home exterior power washed is an effective and affordable way to restore its lost shine.

cleaning concrete floor with pressure washer

Over the course of this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about home power-washing—its benefits, and how often you should schedule a cleaning.

What Exactly Is Power Washing?

Power washing involves using powerful pressure washers that emit high-powered hot water jets to clean surfaces. The high-pressure water jets strip away dust, dirt, grime, and stains.

Power washing is also quicker and more convenient than scrubbing a surface, as you can easily reach nooks and crannies without needing a ladder.

Power Washing Your Home: The Benefits

There are multiple reasons why power washing is a great investment. The first and most prominent one is that it can boost the value of your home significantly, often adding thousands of dollars to its sale price. This makes for a huge ROI, since home power washing services are available for as low as $150.

Another major benefit is that power washing can remove mold and mildew that’s growing on your home’s exterior. This can show up as grey, clack, or white spots. Mold typically grows in moist, damp places such as the areas surrounding drains and gutters.

If mold manages to work its way into your home, it can cause some serious health problems. Mold spores are known for causing asthma and other respiratory issues. Moreover, in addition to being unsightly, mold can also contribute to decay and rot.

Getting your home power washed periodically is a great way to keep its exterior mold-free.

How Often Should You Get Your House Power Washed?

Although environmental conditions largely determine the frequency at which you should schedule power washing services, it ultimately depends on your judgment. If your home looks grimy or you’re starting to notice signs of mold and mildew, it’s time to call a power washing company.

With that being said, there are situations that call for a power wash. If there’s been a severe storm, tornado, or hurricane, you’ll find your house caked with dirt and dust. Another time when you should get a power wash is when you’re getting your home painted. This is because paint adheres way better and lasts much longer when it’s applied to a clean surface.


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