A janitor cleaning and vacuuming the office floor at the same time

It’s difficult for organizations to navigate the volatility and economic fallout of the novel coronavirus. Working through the virus with employees who feel anxious about the dangers of coming back to work can make the challenge of ensuring safety extremely daunting. Here are 3 ways you can make your staff feel safe and comfortable at work.

1.     Maintain Social Distancing

The CDC recommends that people always maintain social distancing of 6 feet. It ensures a slow spread of the virus. While people aren’t used to this, as a manager, you must lead by example and begin to practice social distancing yourself for others to follow.

To reiterate this, you can put up posters, send memos, place work desks at a distance and don’t let more than one person use the bathroom at a time. These changes may feel strange, but it’s the need of the hour, and it’s something that’s not going to stay for long.

An illustration of people maintaining social distancing at the office

2.     Stagger Shifts

If your office space is small and you can’t ensure social distancing, you can spread out their work shifts. This way, you’ll have fewer people in the office at a given time and will help your workers feel safe as well.

Look at the schedule and check where you can reduce the number of people in the office, and come with a shift schedule to distribute among your workers. While this schedule may not make some employees happy as many may prefer working at regular hours, it can placate their anxiety of returning to work.

A janitor cleaning the corridors of the office

3.     Keep Your Office Sanitized and Clean

As you call your staff back to the office, you’ll see that there’s an increased expectation of having a sanitized and clean workplace. To combat the virus’s spread, you’ll have to ensure that the office floor and other surfaces are sparkling clean and routinely sanitized. For this, introducing stringent cleaning measures is of utmost importance.

The best thing to do would be to hire a professional cleaning service that offers high standards of sanitation to clean your workplace. It’s the only thing that you can outsource to make your team feel safe amidst the spread of the virus.

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