Are you living the good life, thinking your home does not need gutters since it’s built on a slab foundation? Think again! Research has shown that nearly 99 percent of gutters are likely to fail at some point, which is why inspection after every few months is recommended.

Even if your home is built on top of a concrete slab and you don’t have a basement that needs to be kept dry, gutters are still essential to protect your home’s structural integrity. Here’s why your home still needs gutters, even with a slab foundation. 

Concrete Wear and Tear

Whether you’re living in an area that sees rainstorms twice in a year or more frequently, you and your family is at risk if water collects on or around your concrete base without gutters to get rid of pooling water.

If this happens continuously, it will wear down the concrete and cause cracks to appear in the foundation. Additionally, if the moisture builds up around your slab base, the ground will become soft and weaken the foundation’s structural sturdiness.

Expansion and Contraction of Concrete

When the temperature’s hot around your concrete foundation, it’ll expand, while the opposite is true in colder climates. In the absence of gutters, water can frequently cause the slab foundation to contract or expand, which can cause cracks easily.

You need as little water as possible to pool around your foundation because the moisture levels and the soil’s temperature will remain consistent.

Heaving Damages

When the foundation expands, the ground may push up or heave because of the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs in winter in a home that’s built on a concrete slab without gutters.

It can also happen because of tree roots that don’t have enough space to grow below the ground, which can occur due to soil compressed to stabilize the overlying structure.


Settling Cracks

You’d be surprised to know that over time, the ground moves and settles. So, if your home doesn’t have any gutters installed, your slab may see cracks and uprooting when these movements take place. With a cracked concrete base, extra water that’s gathered around your home’s foundation can enter the cracks and compromise your home’s integrity.

Soil Erosion

Gutters can save your home from rain runoff that collects near your foundation. It can also destroy your garden and result in quicker soil erosion. Gradual soil erosion can pollute your drinking water from sedimentation or growing algae in the water.

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