A custom-fit suit is probably one of your most prized pieces in your wardrobe. It fits like a dream and works on a variety of events: weddings, corporate events, and other occasions. However, this fancy suit can only make a great impression when it’s in prime condition. Custom suits are expensive and so you want to take really good care of it so it lasts many years.

Here are some tips on caring for custom-made suits:

Only have them dry cleaned

You might wear your suit on the daily for work or just a few times a year for special occasions, nonetheless, it should be exclusively dry cleaned. Professional dry cleaning ensures your expensive suit looks and feels amazing for years to come. Suits can become wrinkled, develop odors, have stains, or become dusty over time, dry cleaning services are able to take care of all these issues, making your suit good as new.

Your suit doesn’t need to be dry cleaned after every wear. Only have it professionally cleaned when it shows signs of wear, or else it will lose its shape and fade in areas.

Make sure you never put your suit in a washing machine. Even a gentle wash is too harsh for the fibers. It loses its rigidness and that affects the shape of your expensive suit. If you want to quickly remove wrinkles from a suit, hang it up behind the bathroom door and have the shower running at the highest heat. The gentle steam will remove wrinkles.

A suit hung up in the bathroom to remove wrinkles

Deal with damage ASAP

Even if you only wear your suit for special occasions, it’s bound to show signs of wear. A button can break off, it can develop a snatch, seams can pull away, or some threads might be visible. Give your suit in to a reliable dry cleaner that also provides alteration services in DC.  They will be able to deal with any stubborn stains too.

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