While for some business owners commercial lighting has always been about illuminating spaces and just that, things are now changing. Many business owners are beginning to realize the benefits of commercial lighting in boosting the aesthetic appeal of their commercial premises and improving sales.

The latest commercial lighting trends focus on several factors, and all of them boil down to a single objective,-consumer experience. Like every other industry, the lighting industry has also started to adopt a consumer-centered narrative. This change in narrative has given birth to several commercial lighting trends that won’t just benefit the consumer but the environment as a whole.

Go Green

Climate change has prompted us to change our ways and for the better. Similarly, the lighting industry has begun to adopt a ‘clean and green approach’ towards lighting commercial and industrial spaces. Offices, retail stores, and the hospitality industry are predicted to embrace sustainable lighting options such as LED bulbs.

Even though LED lights have been around us for the last four decades, they are becoming a common household name. LED bulbs boast of energy efficiency as they emit the same amount of light without consuming more energy. Moreover, LED lights waste little heat energy and are thought to have a lower impact on the environment.

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry was the worst hit by the pandemic. Along with appropriate SOPs in place and PPE usage, restaurant and the hotel industry plan on making a few changes to their workplace. These changes mostly include renovations including the use of ambient lights to set the mood and to appear inviting to customers.

Corporations are catching up with the Trends.

Corporate organizations have recognized the correlation between worker health, productivity, and naturally lit spaces. Daylight balances the human circadian rhythms, making them more productive, less sluggish and promotes better mood altogether.

New corporations are designing offices that feature floor-length windows to let natural light in. Moreover, office workspace can make use of LED lights that are proven to mimic natural sunlight.

LEDs light intensity can be further controlled by the use of coordinated programming systems. These programmed systems can change the light intensity according to the time of the day. They burn the brightest at noon and can be softened as evening approaches.

All of these commercial lighting trends are sure to up your business game. These trends not only promise sustainability and customer satisfaction but also ensure that your employees perform exceptionally well without compromising their health.

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