Are you going for an extended vacation after a long time? While being super excited for the trip and after planning the itinerary, you must make a list of tasks to keep your house safe from any kind of damage.

Here are a few things to remember before leaving to stay stress-free while enjoying yourself and not be worried about major repairs when you’re back.

Clean Up the Refrigerator

It would be best if you emptied your refrigerator by taking out all the food. Then wipe down the interior so that there are no traces of spillovers inside. Wash all the removable shelves and then wipe down the exterior as well. Keep your refrigerator doors open so that no mold formation happens and gives your refrigerator a foul odor.

Unplug All the Appliances

Always remember to switch off all your appliances and unplug them before leaving for a long vacation to avoid any short circuits due to faulty wiring or broken appliances. Short circuits can lead to fires, and when no one is available to keep a check, you could face an irreversible damage.

Water Heater

It’s advised not to turn off your water heater’s electricity or gas supply, but to keep it on ‘Vacation Mode’ to save on utility bills while you’re away. If your water heater doesn’t have a vacation mode option, then you should keep it on ‘Low.’ This should only be done if you’re not switching the main supply off. If you intend on switching off the main supply, you can turn he water heater off too.

Pipe Fittings

You should also inspect if your pipes are joint properly so that there are no leakages or clogs. This is extremely necessary if you choose to keep your water on and don’t shut off the valves. It’s wise to get it checked by professional plumbers to prevent any problems later on.

Leaking Faucets and Washing Machine Hoses

Always get dripping faucets fixed before leaving for vacation. This will not only keep your water bill from increasing, but it’ll also save water from being wasted. Hire a plumbing service to inspect all your faucets and repair them in case there are leaks.


Get the hoses replaced for your washing machine and check those for leaks as well.


An unattended faucet leaking

Sump Pump

Always check your sump pump to ensure it’s working properly. The rain in Delray Beach is certainly unpredictable, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Turn Your Water Off

It’s advised to turn off your main water supply when you’re away for a long time. After turning it off, turn the taps on to empty the water lines and flush the toilets.

About the Author

Robert is a plumbing specialist at Your 1 Plumber. He has a decade of experience in repairing and replacing water lines and has worked with numerous teams guiding them with same-day plumbing services in Delray Beach.