Mother Nature is beautiful and serene until she’s angry. Nature’s wrath—in the form of hurricanes and storms—is a dangerous thing to face, and something you need protection against.

According to many studies done over the years, it is quite clear that when a house’s structure is damaged during a storm, the first things to go are the doors and windows. This allows air pressure to suddenly change, causing the rest of the structure to follow suit.

So, prepping windows for storm resistance should be the first step you take.

However, storm-resistant windows do have many other features that make them an excellent investment.

Long-Term Investment for Your Property

Can you imagine the cost of rebuilding your entire house? Done? Now, multiply it with a 2-digit number of your choice. That’s how much you’ll be paying in repairs every year without storm impact windows if you live in a place like Saint Lucia or even Florida.

Interestingly, some home insurance companies actually give discounts to people who invest in extra protection at each entry-point. That means you’ll make a one-time investment on a storm impact window that will save you a fraction of your home insurance cost every year in perpetuity.

Keep the Noise Out

The heavy-duty frames of storm impact windows are fitted with laminated glass and sealed with silicone glazing. Additionally, the glass comprises two panes with a layer of polyvinyl butyral in between. Together, they end up sound-proofing your house excellently.

Not only is this amazing during a storm to keep the noise out, but it is also great for muting everyday sounds from your streets, giving you a sense of complete privacy.

Added Security

It’s not only natural elements that can break into your house. Sometimes, burglars do too.  Storm impact windows are incredibly secure; they will not break or crack easily. In fact, the thickest ones may even be able to stop bullets.

Excellent Replacement for Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are great, and they have proved their worth over time, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution, you need to invest in impact windows because they will not need to be replaced for a long time.

Also, there is the matter of convenience. Storms are sometimes unannounced guests. You may not even get the time to draw the shutters before the storm arrives in full swing. Storm impact windows, on the other hand, just need to be installed, and then they will operate just like regular windows—with added protection.

Peace of Mind

All the factors mentioned above will help you achieve a sense of calm. Changing your house or area is not a viable option for many people. But the constant risk of your home being exposed to damage can cause a feeling of anxiety and helplessness.

Installing storm impact windows will give you a sense of protection against the weather, burglars, and even something as minimal as noise.

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