Rust occurs when metal is exposed to an abundance of moisture. It’s a condition that can pop up on any car, old or new. However, it’s no secret that older cars that no longer get a lot of attention are more likely to be rusted from underneath. 

Sure, rust is not pretty to look at. But is that all that it comes down to? Reports show that car rust can also be incredibly dangerous during an accident and jeopardize a driver’s life. Today, we take a look at all the ways a rusted car can be dangerous to drive around in. 

Rust Compromises Safety 

A rusted vehicle causes problems with components and can also be the root cause of other problems that can compromise the safety of the driver. 

A vehicle is primarily made of a metal framework designed to protect the car and the driver. However, when rust spreads throughout the car, it can get deeper into the components and cause dangerous failures. For example, rust near the gas tank can cause ruptured fuel lines, resulting in extensive gas leaks.

When a crash test study was conducted with rusty vehicles, the results showed that the car suffered severe deformation, and the dummy sustained multiple injuries as well. The rust weakened the car’s metal structure, causing it to break apart upon impact.

Repair or Replace? 

Closeup of door handle belonging to the rusted car.


The best way to avoid rust is to take care of your vehicle. Regular cleaning, especially during the winter months, can prevent salt, dust and grime from settling into your car and causing erosion. However, what do you do when the damage has already been done? 

The best time to repair your rusted car is when it’s in the initial stages. You can simply scrape away any surface rust with sandpaper and repaint the area to bring it back to its original condition. This is a great remedy only if your vehicle is not deeply rusted. 

Unchecked rust can spread throughout your car, and when that happens, professional intervention is necessary. Experienced technicians will assess your car and let you know whether it is worth putting in the money to repair parts and get rid of the dust. 

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