Whenever a home water damage incident occurs, it’s best to determine the magnitude of the destruction first. If the water is clean, and there’s been a pipeline leakage, or an appliance overflow, drying water damaged carpets in the sun may seem like the right thing to do. People don’t tend to call professional carpet cleaning services unless the water damaging their carpet is grey or black.

But did you know that carpets are made from complex fibres that unravel when they’re exposed to water? Once the carpet absorbs moisture, and the pad beneath quickly saturates, they become a breeding ground for mould.

According to the guidelines issued by Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), deep piles accumulated in carpets over time, such as skin cells, insects, dust, mould, and tiny food or liquid particles, produce microscopic organisms. These can harbour dormant spores without professional remediation. The longer you wait, the more lasting damage it can cause. 

Let’s look at two primary ways you can revive carpets after they’ve been damaged by flooding.

DIY—Is it worth it?


Water damaged carpet being vacuumed at home

Fan, hairdryers, all-purpose cleaners, bleach, the tutorial you saw online… there’s a myriad of ways to try and fix the wet carpets on your own. You can also invest in dehumidifiers, commercial-sized fans or dry-wet vacuum cleaners that you can use every day until you run out of energy. Ultimately, you’ll have to change the padding. If by sheer luck your carpet manages to survive, you’re sure to experience breathing difficulties and flared-up allergies due to airborne pollen and mould.                                                                                    

Commercial carpet cleaners—Your best bet


Water damaged carpet that needs professional cleaning

Carpet cleaning professionals have ample training and expertise to resolve the damage. They offer wide-ranging services, including cleaning, repairing, restoring, and deodorizing your carpets. They also adhere to safety guidelines by the CDC and EPA that recommend taking extra precautionary measures and using proper protective gear to avoid hazardous toxins.

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