Apart from the cutesy cartoon rats, most people are a little, if not completely, disgusted when they see a rodent. However, if your immediate reaction when you see a mouse is more than just slight fear and triggers unmanageable anxiety, you may have musophobia.

What is Musophobia?

Musophobia is the irrational and unreasonable fear of rats and mice. In many cases, the reason behind this fear can be linked to how at a young age most individuals are taught that rats caused the Bubonic Plague and that rats tend to live in dirty environments and eat trash.

The word Musophobia originates from the Latin word Mus, meaning mice, and the Greek word Phobos meaning deep-rooted fear.


Musophobia is a common phobia that affects many people around the world. Musophobics tend to think of mice as disgusting and believe they can carry diseases. This is because mice and rats are known to carry pathogens, fleas and parasites.

Rats are usually not the kind of animals anyone would want to see in their home, so the sudden appearance of one may result in surprise or unwelcome shock.

Popular culture references to mice are also almost always negative, showing them as something to be feared and gotten rid of immediately.

finger stuck in a mouse trap


The symptoms of someone suffering from Musophobia may vary from the next person, depending on the intensity of their fear. Common symptoms include screaming, crying, trying to escape, and climbing on high places like beds, chairs or tables.

When a musophobic person comes into contact with a mouse, they may have an accelerated heartbeat, a nauseous feeling, vomiting, rapid breathing, and may sweat extensively.

Some musophobes may also experience panic attacks when mice are mentioned or seen in pictures, TV, or in real life from a distance.

Overcoming Musophobia

The diagnosis and treatment of Musophobia are just like any other phobias related to specific animals and involves a combination of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and gradual desensitization therapy.

Mickey mouse figurine standing on a piano

If patients are working on their own to overcome their fear, they should educate themselves about mice. Making an effort to overcome this fear themselves can allow musophobics to perform better in therapy as well.

Keeping the home clean and clutter-free can also prevent wild rats from entering the house.

Ironically, the creator of Mickey Mouse, one of the world’s most famous mice, was also musophobic. If Walt Disney can create a character to help him cope with his fear, we are sure you can too.

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