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When it comes to home design, the options are endless. Whether it is for furniture, walls, outdoor landscaping, or flooring, there is enough of everything to completely overwhelm first-time home decorators. However, one trend that has been making waves recently is here to stay.

Epoxy flooring has fast become an interior designer favorite because of its many advantages. Homeowners who are looking to get something unique for their house are hopping onto this trend.

Epoxy flooring can brighten up any room, making it seem bigger due to its ability to reflect light. While epoxy flooring has been used in hospitals, garages, and industrial areas for many years, homeowners are also now turning towards it for a new way to decorate their homes.

So, why is epoxy flooring so wildly popular?


Epoxy flooring offers unlimited options for homeowners and can be customized into any color, pattern, finish and texture.

This is a great option for homeowners who want to incorporate their sense of design or their favorite items into the floor design. Epoxy flooring can also incorporate 3D designs to give your floors a multi-dimensional look.

Metallic epoxy can designed in a number of different ways, depending on your needs and preferences.

decorative epoxy floor


Epoxy floors offer a range of different benefits. The durability of epoxy means that it can withstand the heavyweight of your appliances and foot traffic from your guests.

Epoxy is chip-proof, does not buckle, and can retain its shine for years. Its waterproof qualities make it perfect for kitchen areas, while its texture is perfect to prevent falls.

Easy on the pocket:

Compared to hardwood or marble floors, epoxy flooring is pretty cheap while retaining the level of quality.

Also, with epoxy flooring, you’ll only need to maintenance done once every twenty years, meaning it’s a great long term investment.

gray room with epoxy floor

Can brighten up any room:

Epoxy floors have a reflective surface that can be used to make smaller rooms appear bigger.

Additionally, epoxy floors can help homeowners save on electricity bills by reflecting more natural light.

Clearly, epoxy flooring has changed the interior design game. If you want a flexible and one-of-a-kind epoxy floor installed in your house, too, check out some of CSS Coatings’ designs. They have something for every kind of homeowner and will be able to give you the best metallic epoxy floor installation services in FL. Call them at 270-793-9069 to get your free quote today.