Many people call metal roofing the Cadillac of roofing because of its eco-friendliness, longevity and sturdiness.

Another excellent advantage of metal roofing is ice dam prevention. Roofing contractors and experts recommend metal roofs because they promote heat conservation and ensure that water and debris glide down them.

Continue reading to learn more about metal roofs and ice damming.

What is an Ice Dam?

Every year, during winter, property owners find themselves encountering a myriad of roofing problems; among which, ice dams are the most common. An ice dam forms with as less as one inch of snow settling for 24 hours or more.

And if an ice dam is ignored for long enough, it can glide toward the siding and overhang, at which point it can reach a thickness of 5 to 6 inches. As the snow melts, it begins to freeze on the soffit, creating ice dams and water blocks—the main culprits of roof leaks and shingle breakage.

The Hazards of Ice Dams on Roofs

Ice dams jeopardize the structural integrity of your property; they can also be harmful to residents or workers. Ice dams make roofs more prone to weather damage and breakage.

What’s more, ice dams can be challenging to get rid of because of their slipperiness. The frozen water can accumulate contaminants, and can lead to the growth of moss and mildew, as well as pipe leaks.

The Role of Metal Roofing in Preventing Ice Dams

Residential and commercial property owners are always on the lookout for cost-efficient and reliable roofing options that aren’t just sturdy, but are also resistant to damage. And one of their major concerns is ice dam prevention.

Here’s the good news: metal roofs minimize the risk of ice dams that can lead to property collapse.

How Metal Roofs Roof Prevent Ice Dam Formation

Here are some unique properties of metal roofing systems that are effective against ice dam formation:

  • A steep metal roof doesn’t allow ice or water to adhere to its surface and is kryptonite to slipperiness.
  • Metal roofs don’t have shingles—which makes it less prone to accumulating debris and ice
  • Roofs with shingles are highly prone to abrasion because they can hold ice in place
  • Metal roofs also have ridges, but not deep ones.
  • Metal roofs can conserve heat and prevent heat loss, making ice dams a less frequent problem

Are Metal Roofs the Ultimate Ice Dam-Proof Option?

While metal roofs are sold as a smarter, better alternative to other ice dam-proof roofs, they can be problematic to clean if they’re not steep. Moreover, cleaning metal roofs is tedious if they’re installed over a property with architectural features such as valleys and dormers.

You have to be extra careful when shoveling ice off ranch-style buildings to prevent slip and fall accidents. Metal roofs can also cause temperature issues, solar gain, and heat loss problems while compromising the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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