A vibrant yellow wall behind a white table, flower pot, and image.

Bold and vibrant colors can certainly make a dramatic statement and give a room much-needed “oomph.” That said, a colorful interior is only pleasing to look at when the interior is balanced from a design perspective. If you have bright and vibrant walls, the last thing you want to do is accessorize the room with bright and vibrant décor. Your eyes and your guests’ eyes will never know where to set, and your room will look like a mess.

So, if repainting your walls is not on the agenda, what you need to do is neutralize the colorful interior. Now how do you do that? Well, we’ve dedicated this piece to explaining just that. Take a look.

Add Complementary Colors

If your walls are a certain color, take bright aqua blue, for example, then you should consider adding complementary colors like peach or orange to the trim, baseboards, and molding. Consider putting some light and gauzy peach curtains on your windows. Scatter pale peach and orange items and décor around the room to tone the blue down and avoid making it seem an unplanned color choice.

Furniture and Accessories

To offset vibrantly colored walls, keep all your furniture in dark tones. This will give the room the necessary contrast. If your wall is expansive, consider adding a tall armoire or bookshelf to cover up some of the color. Avoid using acrylic chairs and glass tables because the idea is to hide some of the bright color. Add a taupe or chocolate brown couch as a focal point and consider a wrought iron or steel passage door to add to the contrast.

A room interior with blue walls.

Some More Tips to Neutralize Colorful Walls

Here are some more tips to neutralize colorful walls:

  • Add Texture: Diffuse colorful walls by adding textures to the room, such as a sisal rug, bamboo, textured piece of art, etc.
  • Try Color Washing: You can tone down the color of your walls by adding a glaze of paint in a shade a few degrees lighter than the original color. If you want a more patterned and textured glaze, apply it with a scrunched-up rag or sponge.

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