Plumbing is, without a doubt, one of the most important features of modern living. Can you imagine a house without a kitchen or a bathroom? Furthermore, can you think of how impractical these two spaces would be without proper plumbing?

But plumbing is nothing without proper maintenance. It’s more complex than most people realize, and you need to be vigilant to know when something needs fixing—like plumbing vents, for instance.

Understanding plumbing vents and their purpose

Vent pipes are pipes that run along sewer pipes. Their primary job is to let sewer gas escape through the roof and out of your house, but they also help maintain atmospheric pressure in the plumbing so P-traps don’t get dry. As long as you have water in the P-traps, you won’t smell any sewer gas from your toilet or sink.

Indicators of Plumbing Vent failure

Sewer Smells

When a vent gets clogged, fresh air supply gets cut off, and the corresponding P-trap can become dry because water stops flowing properly through the drain system. This dryness lets gas collect in one place and causes a bad odor.

Sewer smells are not just unpleasant, but also carry potential danger. You don’t want to be breathing in methane, as it’s inflammable and poisonous.

Gurgling Noise

Ideally, any noise coming from a non-living thing should be a cause for concern. If you hear a funny noise right after you flush, it’s a sign of the vent getting clogged. What happens is that air pressure builds up in the narrow pipe. Normally, the air would’ve escaped through the vent, but with that escape route blocked, it exits through your toilet, making gurgling noises in the process.

Slower drainage

This is a tricky one. Slow drainage could point toward a blockage in the drain. If the drain feels blocked and you’ve tried plunging it to no avail, then the chances of the vent being clogged are pretty high.

As mentioned previously, when a vent pipe is clogged and unable to maintain air pressure, it affects the flow of water in the pipes, causing it to flow back up toward the closest opening. If the water in your sink is not draining fast enough and the toilet bowl seems fuller than usual, you need to check on the plumbing vents.

Here’s how you can fix them

First, you have to locate the outlet; it will probably be on the roof, away from the windows. Now, there could be any number of things blocking them, such as nests, leaves, branches and so on.

Use a torch to see if you can reach inside the pipe to clear the blockage. If not, use a drain snake. Then insert some water pressure to push down the clog to the drain.

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